• ✔By sponsoring an entire class you are helping so many children achieve their dreams.
      ✔ We do not have large administrations costs – only our local African teachers and staff are paid wages
      ✔ Our small scale means that individuals like you can have a real impact
      ✔ Unlike larger charities, we are in every day contact with the children you are sponsoring
      ✔ We offer real interactivity – want to send a message or ask a question? Just email us!
      ✔ You get so much in return. See your benefits.
  • Why Sponsor

    Sponsor a Class is a fundraising project from Gambia Education and Teaching Support. The money you donate will be used to provide things like educational resources, teacher salaries and training at our Sunrise school in Bakoteh, Gambia.

    With help from our generous supporters, like you, we have been able to provide educational support for over 600 children so far. We have also created 15 full time jobs at our school – helping many families in the community. The success of our vocational classes has enabled 70% of our students to go straight into a secure job.